A big dream, on a very small budget



A documentary film where many other humble sailors just like me, could find themselves into. A childhood dream and the desire to sail around the world, made me start an adventure of a lifetime.

Trying to sail around the world on a very low budget it’s not an easy thing to do. But when you want something so much, no matter how hard it is… you will never stop trying to make your dreams come true.

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Traveling With The Wind Series

One of my biggest inspiration since I was little was Jimmy Cornell. All my childhood I’ve heard stories about him from friends a lot older than me. A simple man that wanted to escape the Romanian comunism at that time and live his dream being free. When he left in his adventure together with his family, all they had was £50 with them and a dream. To me that meant a lot, especially that we come from the same city up in the Carpathian mountains.

Every time I tell people that I don’t have much money but I want to sail around the world, they think I must be joking. The only reason I’m making all the videos, the documentary, and this website… its because there are still people with dreams just like me thinking that you have to be rich to do such thing. At the time I left for Cuba for the first voyage, all the money I had left in my pocket after the last boat preparations was $5.

Traveling With The Wind to me is the freedom you have on a boat sailing away, feeling that breeze in your face early in the morning, the sound of the waves, the beauty of mother nature during a storm, and so much more. I’m doing this because this is my dream, a dream no one can take away from me because that’s all I have. I like this way of living simple and happy. When I’m aboard my boat I smile for no reason all day long.

Sometimes I had days when I had no food for dinner, or money in my pocket. But happiness it’s so much more than just money, a brand new car or a flat screen. In the past I was making a lot of money and I was never happy. This lifestyle and this dream changed my life and my thinking entirely. At the end it’s all about your freedom, your family and friends, the people you meet and the great memories you create together.

This adventure did not ended here… to be continued.


Andrew Keir
David Hoffman
Felix Schober
Jeremiah Abellanosa
John Westbrook
Milton Michel
Pierre Rouchon

Alessandro Huber
Andreea Zaharcu
Carmen Torres
David Hoffman
James Hacman
Rob Van Essen
Spooky Wut

Juan Segovia
Madalin Butiurca
Martine Legault
Peter Loui
Popica Lucretia
Ricardo Davalos
Travis Workman
Vio Biscu


Since the beginning of my adventure at times when I needed the most, I had some special people that helped me a lot more than they can imagine. To me that means a lot, and I would like to mention them all in here. Family, friends, people I have met along the way… they all helped and supported me trying to help me make my dream come true. Thank you all one more time for everything. I hope someday I will manage to pay you back in a way or another for everything you did for me.

My family: Andreea M. ZaharcuBogdan ZaharcuLucretia Popica. My Miami friends: “Nino” Benito DominguezRicardo DavalosCarlosFelipeLiz MeyerClayton and IrynaSaroof MansoorKostya and ElenaGeorgeJuan SegoviaNicole PindeleaLuciano AlexanderViktoria SzilagyLesley RamsubirNora NagyCarmen TorresAdolfo Martinez. My friends from Romania: Madalin ButiurcaIonut TurdaViorel BiscuCiprian Cristea. The former owner of my very first sailboat: Francis Robitaille. My followers and Facebook friends: Jbenga AdrianMartine LegaultPeter LouiAlessandro HuberDavid Hoffman. My amazing friends from the Gaviota Marina in Varadero and Cabo San Antonio: FrancescoMartinAbelWuilianCarlosYunielMariaAntonio • ( to be completed ). All the staff at the Galleon Marina in Key West. The amazing Canadian friends I have met in Cuba: JoAnne and KeithJacqui and Jim ( and the Puma cat)Viktor and his crew Max and Sheila. To all the cargo, cruise ships, sailing vessels and Coast Guard crew that always helped me relay messages to my family over the radio: S/V FreedomM/V AngolM/V Atlantic ManzanilloM/V Carnival MagicM/V Caribe MarinerU.S. Coast Guard District 7 – Miami.

In case I forgot to add you on this list please let me know and remind me as this are all memories from the past three years or more. I have a good memory most of the time, but I apologize in advance if sometimes it does let me down.

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