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“Traveling With The Wind” is a documentary film where many other humble sailors just like me, could find themselves into. A childhood dream and the desire to sail around the world on the blue waters, made me start an adventure of a lifetime.

Trying to sail around the world on a very low budget, it’s not an easy thing to do. But when you really want to achieve something, nothing is impossible. I’m not doing anything extraordinary, and there are many others just like me. It just happens that I’m also filming all that it takes to make this dream come true.



Just as I was writing on the about me page, everything started by mistake. The dream and the desire to sail around the world were there since childhood. The part where things started to take contour was at the moment I moved to Miami. Buying Transeau, my very first sailboat was the first step. She was a 26 feet Grampian that I purchased from Francis, an amazing Canadian sailor. The initial thought was to have her as a weekend family boat.

After the first the trip bringing her to Miami, I decided to move and live aboard. I did wanted to sail around the world, but I also knew this will not happen aboard Transeau. She was a good boat, but not seaworthy enough for the places I would want to sail to. So I started to plan a voyage to Puerto Rico and back. A voyage I never got to make because of the job I had at that time, working on cruise ships. I spent two years sharing my time between her and the job I had.

In all this time my urge to sail around the world was getting bigger and bigger. It was time to sadly sell Transeau, and replace her with a more seaworthy sailboat. I thought about a Pearson Triton inspired by James Baldwin and his adventure aboard Atom. Yves Gélinas and his nearly nonstop solo circumnavigation, made me think about an Alberg 30. My amazing anchorage neighbors Elena and Kostia, sold Anastasia, a Pearson Triton built in 1960.

Having one of the boats I was wishing for, made me take a drastic decision in my life. After I spent one vacation aboard the boat, I decided to give up on the job I had. It was the only way I could have enough time to prepare for my adventure. Not an easy choice, as that was my only source of income. I still managed to do some online work here and there and survive. I was one happy skipper, preparing his boat for the first solo voyage.

As you will see in the episodes or the documentary, this first voyage was far from what I planned initially. At the same time, it was also the end of the first chapter of my sailing adventures. Sad, broke, heartbroken because I had to sell Anastasia… I was forced to return home in Romania. But the adventure didn’t ended, this was just the beginning. This very first voyage wouldn’t happen with ought my family, friends and my support crew.

While home “recharging my batteries”, I had to take a decision about my dream. For a while I thought I should buy a van and travel on land. I have six months on land so far, and I’m already going crazy away from the boat and the ocean. So instead of buying a van to travel on land, I will do all I can to either buy Anastasia back, or another and bigger sailboat. I will continue my dream to travel with the wind… sailing around the world.


One of my biggest inspiration since I was little was Jimmy Cornell. All my childhood I’ve heard stories about him from friends a lot older than me. A simple man that wanted to escape the Romanian comunism at that time and live his dream being free. When he left in his adventure together with his family, all they had was £50 with them and a dream. To me that meant a lot, especially that we come from the same city up in the Carpathian mountains.

Every time I tell people that I don’t have much money but I want to sail around the world, they think I must be joking. The only reason I’m making all the videos, the documentary, and this website… its because there are still people with dreams just like me thinking that you have to be rich to do such thing. At the time I left for Cuba for the first voyage, all the money I had left in my pocket after the last boat preparations was $5.

If I wouldn’t change my plan and I would sail alone to the Bahamas as I initially planned, today I would still be on my boat sailing in amazing places. I know I did a mistake changing my plans, but that’s how lessons are learned sometimes… the hard way. My boat was far from ready for such a voyage, and still I made it in one piece. During the trip there were always the fancy boats calling Coast Guard around me during the bad weather.

Traveling With The Wind to me is the freedom you have on a boat sailing away, feeling that breeze in your face early in the morning, the sound of the waves, the beauty of mother nature during a storm, and so much more. I’m doing this because this is my dream, a dream no one can take away from me because that’s all I have. I like this way of living simple and happy. When I’m aboard I smile for no reason all day long.

Sometimes I had days when I had no food for dinner, or money in my pocket. But happiness it’s so much more than just money, a brand new car or a flat screen. In the past I was making a lot of money and I was never happy. This lifestyle and this dream changed my life and my thinking entirely. At the end it’s all about your freedom, your family and friends, the people you meet and the great memories you create together.

All my life I worked for others, I helped others as I could, and at times I made other people’s dreams come true. Now at the age of 38, I want to finally make my dream come true as well. I want to do what I love doing the most… sailing the blue waters on a good old boat.

Follow my adventure and this beautiful journey called life !


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