Saint Anna Lake

In August 2017 was the time when I returned home after nearly four years spent in Miami. I missed my family a lot, but also Romania… especially Transilvania ( not spelled Transylvania ). Unfortunately I didn’t got to travel around as much as I wanted. That because it was more important to me to also spend time with my family. One of the places I did got to visit thanks to another amazing person, was the Saint Anna Lake ( Lacul Sfanta Ana ). On a first look it’s nothing but a mountain lake, no deferent than others. But it has a beautiful history and legends.

There is also a video available in the Discover Transilvania series. It was mostly just a test documentary film. I was curious if I could make one entire documentary shot strictly on GoPro. As I was talking about the legends and the story of the lake, you can also find that along with the video. Some of the photos posted here may be a little dark. I apologize for that as it took me a while to figure out my computer screen cannot be properly calibrated. But I hope you will enjoy the view as much as I did.


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