Sailing To Cuba

The year of 2018 was very special to me. After three years trying to start my very first solo voyage, it was finally happening. It was far from how I planned it to be, and it didn’t go too well either. But I loved every little second of it. I had amazing support from friends, family and my amazing support crew. I also had support from the new people I have met, and today I call them “family”. Not all appear here in the album as I missed talking photos with many of them.

I guess that means I have to return to them and take photos this time. An adventure that started with a plan that changed as soon as I arrived in Cuba. This very first solo voyage was one of the best sailing lessons I could ever wish for. Traveling With The Wind but no wind at all, days with no sleep, food or water… being burned by the sun, feeling the wind in my face, going trough some bad storms and really bad weather…. everything was my dream coming true.

I like the kind of sailing from the 60′ and 70’s when things were simple, and I want to always keep them this way. Please go on the support page, but not because I want you to support the adventure. I want you to please check the bottom of the page… and discover all the amazing people behind the Traveling With The Wind series. With ought them, I wouldn’t be able to sit here on a chair today, close to my family…. posting these photos and talking about them.


Ciprian I. Popica

Photographer • Filmmaker

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