I always wondered why I have such a strong passion for photos and photography. Sometimes I think that one of the reasons it’s that is the only connection and memory I have from my dad. He started teaching me lots about photography when I was about four years old. 

He never let me touch his camera with ought him being around, but I remember we used to go up on the hills in the village we used to live in, and he was explaining me how to take great photos. Later on I have seen the other part of photography… the soul as I like to call it. I was going trough my grandparents old photos, some of them from 1912 and older. The best part for me was trying to imagine the life in those times and the stories around that one single photo.

That was the time when I realized that a photo means a lot more than being just a simple image. They are stories and memories that live forever trough one single frame. That was the point when I knew that the passion for photography will follow me as long as I live.

I never thought of my self as an amazing or good photographer, and I don’t think I will ever become one. But that’s not even my purpose into this. For me all that matters it’s to be able to replicate that feeling I was having looking at those old photos. I hope that I can also make others dream and think about the story behind the photo, just as I did looking at those old photos in my childhood. This is what I love the most in photography.

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