Moving aboard my first sailboat

Moving Aboard My First Sailboat is the original video of the adventure. I made it at that time, just so I can share my adventure with my family and friends. I had no clue, about the big change it will bring into my life. This is basically how Traveling With The Wind adventure started. And just as I’m describing it in the “about me” page, everything started by mistake.


At that time there were nearly no sailing channels at all. One of the ones I could find was from Teresa Carey. Watching the videos made me think a lot about buying a weekend family boat. I didn’t wanted something big, and she had to be cheap as I didn’t had much money. So I started searching for cheap sailboats for sale. Meanwhile I was also searching more info and inspiration through the YouTube videos.

I found a video at some point about a little Grampian 26, from two Canadian sailors traveling from Canada to Florida. Since I loved the boat and their adventure, I left a comment. Francis replied soon that she is in Florida and she is for sale for $2000. As you can imagine, I made the deal and decided to buy the boat. I will describe everything in detail in some of the podcasts I will make.


This part was a little annoying as I asked for help from some of the people I thought they were very close friends. I barely had the money that I needed for the trip and make the first payment for the boat. So I was looking for someone that would take me there with the car, and later on help them out in return as I always like doing.

Unfortunately that’s when I discovered the difference between people I know, and what a friend really means. Everyone was asking me to pay them to take me there even though, it was not too far. I was lucky at the end, and my fiance at that time managed to leave work and helped me to get there.It was funny in a way, as we were watching the boat coming slowly towards us, and we were making plans to see each other in 3-4 days.

That was also the time I learned not to make plans when you travel with a sailboat. They never work and you end up disappointed ( laughing loud ). I was never able, and I will never be able, to describe how I felt in my heart stepping aboard the boat. After nearly thirty years of dreaming about this moment, it was finally happening. I had to say bye to my fiance, as she had to return home… and I started cleaning out the boat so I can have a place to sleep.


After two weeks of trying to figure out what I have aboard and putting parts together, I was almost ready. The one thing I was not ready with, was the fact that I had no clue on how to sail. I knew nothing about sailboats in general, or about sailing at that time. The amazing staff and the people I had around at the Glades Boat Storage, helped me more than anyone can imagine.

I don’t remember many names as I was way too excited, and lost at the same time. But I will never forget their faces, stories and advice I got from them. I can never forget how nice and welcoming they were as well.In a Sunday while we were making a barbecue and sharing stories, I asked an older sailor a funny and silly question: “how do you sail a boat ?”. He started smiling and more like joking he told me: “You wait for the wind to pick up, you untie the boat, raise the sails and you are sailing”.

An hour later the wind did picked up a little. As you can already guess, I went to the boat, untied her from the dock, raised the sails and… I was sailing. The part where they were running towards the dock, screaming that it was just a joke, doesn’t matter anymore as it was too late. I was already sailing, and man I was enjoying that.


I will not spoil the video and I will let you enjoy it. I will also talk more about this in a future podcast as well. The idea is that I made a deal with two fellow sailors, and decided to start the voyage together. We left together as none of our boats were in an amazing condition, so we thought we could help each other in case we need that. Turned out that at the end, I had to tow both their boats at the same time, as my motor was the only one working.

I think this was the best lesson I could learn so far as a beginner sailor.A month later after I started my adventure at the boat yard, I finally arrived in Miami. Since we left Jacob in West Palm Beach, I arrived together with Scott. Initially we were planning to go to the Dinner Key Marina, but I was running low on gas so we anchored at the Miami Yacht Club.

I liked the place so much, that it was my “home” for the next two years. Yes you read that well… I liked it so much aboard the boat in this first month, that I decided to move and live aboard the boat right away. And that is how a bigger adventure started.SUBSCRIBE on YouTube and share my videos to support my adventure.

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