Greetings From Earth Explorer

Greetings from EARTH Explorer, and welcome on my brand new website. I decided to replace the old sailing website for a few reasons. First of all, by the time I’m writing this article, I’m already home in Romania, and my sailboat was sold. Clearly for a while from now, I will stick to land life, travels and adventures. The old sailing website would not fit anymore as I will post articles, photos and videos that are not strictly sailing related. I will cover way more than that.

Before I start talking about the land travel plans, I will still have all my sailing related articles posted here as well. I can’t let down all the people that followed me for the past three years, especially the ones that supported me all the time. Just bare with me a little, as I had many requests on translating everything in Romanian as well. For this reason before I come up with new videos, I will re-edit the older ones and have them posted again with the translation as well. At least I start everything well organized.

Feels good being at home and having the time to actually take care of all these, not having to worry about running out of battery power, or not having internet. Please have a little patience with me so I can catch up with everything. The website as well will be a work in progress for the next one month most probably, so you may see changes in design and functionality. I’m really doing my best to offer some really great content, and present it to you the same way as well.

Please feel free to message me and tell me your opinions, or comment on the articles. You will be the ones reading, I’m just the man behind the screen and the keyboard. I will of course do some research and try to discover new and interesting ways of presenting everything. But you guys, the readers and followers, always helped me offer you the things you liked. Hopefully I will get to finish the website really soon so I can concentrate more on the content and not so much on the design.

Greetings From The Lone Traveler

I have two weeks since I returned home from Miami, and I didn’t even unpacked yet. I don’t sleep much either and I really need that. But I’m way to excited about what’s to come, and the new plans I have for the next adventure. Here is where everything gets interesting. Initially I thought of giving up traveling for good, and stick with the beekeeping business I had in mind. But I just can’t give up on traveling no matter how much I’m trying to. I’m doing this since 2003, I’m clearly hooked to this for life.

So here I am, working on the preparations for the next step… van life… maybe. I’m working hard on saving the money to buy a van and convert it into a camper at the moment. I also really need to get my driving license as well. I spent so much time at sea, I never got the chance to get it until now. The idea it’s to have it and prepare it before the next year’s summer time. We will see how things work out, but at least this is my plan so far. Meanwhile I will probably do a lot of biking and hiking. But this will happen if I’m actually able to stay away from the ocean, as I’m already missing it like crazy.

Even if the winter comes, I will still get to travel here and there and share that with you. I’m really excited about making some new videos actually. Especially that now on land it’s so easy for me. I just wanted to welcome you on the new website, that if you are one of the readers of the old website of course. I will not link it here though, as I will actually remove it soon so there is no point in doing that.

Meanwhile, please subscribe to the newsletter notifications. This way you will always get updates in your email about the new articles. For more live and regular updates follow me on social media as well. I will try to post way more often that I used to. This is actually the reason life on land gets me really excited. Thanks to all that followed the Traveling With The Wind adventure, and one more time… welcome to Earth Explorer. Until next time… cheers and wishing you an amazing week.


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