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Hi… I’m Ciprian,

A filmmaker and photographer from Romania.

My goal is to inspire you to live your best life outdoors, taking you out of your bedroom or office, for active exploration, unexpected adventures and amazing travel experiences on land or water.

And here’s a secret: you do not have to wait until you have a ton of money saved up, you just have to be creative. The best time to travel is now.

Welcome to Earth Explorer !


EARTH Explorer

I created this blog from my passion for adventures, traveling and sailing, trying to present the world as I see it through my eyes. Concentrating mostly on travel and adventure films, photography and articles, this website its my tool to tell you stories about my travel adventures.

I’m hoping to inspire other people, especially the young generation, to step out and dare to explore. The world we live in, is waiting to be discovered. Follow me on social media for real time updates, and subscribe to the newsletter for the latest articles, photos, and videos.

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Not the kind of story you hear nearly everywhere. I haven’t sold all my stuff, bought a boat / van… and started traveling the world. I actually didn’t really had anything to sell in the first place, but I did had the job. It all started from a You Tube video of two Canadians sailing their small boat from Canada to Florida. A month later I was owning that boat. Thank you Francis for the opportunity and the patience you had with me. The boat changed my life and my lifestyle forever. I actually bought the boat for weekend family fun, but I loved being on the boat so much that instead, I ended up moving and living aboard.

Why “Traveling With The Wind” ? I actually came up with this because of the way I travel. Sailing was my dream since I was a kid, and it finally happened after nearly thirty years dreaming about it. I’m not doing this to become an “influencer” on social media or YouTube, and I’m not doing this because I want to become famous. I’m like a grown kid with the same dreams I had when I was little. To travel and sail around the world just like the people I was reading about during my childhood. I want to see amazing places and meet great people that I will always remember about. Just as they say… “It’s not the destination that maters, it’s the trip itself”.

Ciprian I. Popica
First of all… what’s this website all about ? Nothing but the things I love the most: travel, adventures, outdoors, hiking, biking, sailing, living on a boat or a van and travel the world. I also like to try at least to teach and inspire other people on how to do this. And not the last, as this is what I love doing the most… film-making and photography. So let’s get to the actual story, and explain a little about how I got into all these. Not a fancy story at all I’ll tell you this from the beginning. I’m a really simple guy, living a simple life, and that’s maybe the reason I just can’t stop smiling all the time… even in the bad days, at least most of the time.

Just like for the most of us, it all started in my childhood. I was born and grow up in a little village from Transylvania, together with my parents and my grandparents. One amazing childhood I tell you that. After my father died though, when I was at the age of six… I felt a little lost, most of my childhood. That’s because usually the dad is the example you follow in life, and now I had nothing to follow. That was the moment I started daydreaming about the things I would love doing in life. I started hiking with my friends and spending lots of time outdoors in nature, appreciating the beauty of it and the wildlife. That’s where the respect for all these came from as well, and why sometimes I talk a lot either in my videos, articles or photo descriptions about conserving and protecting nature and wildlife.

I started traveling when I started working on cruise ships. At that time for me that was the best solution to travel and work at the same time. The problem was that I never really had as much time as I wanted to visit places, as I had to work… plus that most of the times you’re going in touristic areas where everyone goes and there is really not much to see but lots of shops, restaurants and things like that. Not the kind of traveling and discovering places, people and cultures I was dreaming about. I did staid with the job though, because of the amazing people I was working with, and also because I actually really loved what I was doing.

The real adventure started at the point I moved to Miami, and I did that for personals reasons, nothing to do with traveling and adventures. The point when my life changed was the time I bought the first sailboat. That was supposed to be a boat to spend family time in weekends. But since in the first one month trip bringing the boat to Miami from the Glades Boat Storage was so much fun and I enjoyed that so much, arrived in Miami I decided to move and live aboard. Naturally with this, came also the desire for sailing adventures, so I started planning my first voyage from Miami to Puerto Rico and preparing the boat for the trip.

Getting to the point I realized I will also want more after that voyage, I also realized the boat I had was not appropriate for offshore sailing. That’s when I decided to sell the Grampian 26, and buy Anastasia… a Pearson Triton 28. With the new boat, bigger dreams came as well. So I decided to try to sail around the world. Since I still had my job aboard the cruise ships at that time… and that also didn’t helped me in my preparations for the trip, I decided to quit and concentrate on this. Doing everything with very little money, as most of them I had to save for food, bills, and the daily things I needed while I was in Miami, the preparations were really slow. The entire adventure took a totally different turn because of this, and things went totally wrong, but believe me… I would not change a thing if I could ever do it all over again.

Getting to the “present time” chapter… It is true indeed that it’s not about the destination, it’s the trip that matters. I had the privilege of living all these amazing adventures, meeting really great people and made amazing friends that to me they will be family for a lifetime. That is the reason I would not change a thing, but I did made and learned from a lot of mistakes as well. That’s the part you will have something to learn from, as I learned the hard way so hopefully you won’t have to. Now the adventure may continue on land, after spending nearly half of my life on water. That of course, if i can actually stay on land.

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Since the “show must go on“, just as life does every single day… I will talk more about the story and continuing from here through my articles and all my posts around the social media. At the end… it’s all about amazing travel adventures you get to learn from, and I’ll use what I know doing the best: photography and film, as a tool to present you everything.


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