A Walk In Pavia

It’e been seven years since I visited this place for the first time. It feels like nothing changed. And just like before, I had a nice weekend walk together with my family on the beautiful streets of Pavia. The only difference is that now I also had my amazing nephew as well. If you ever visit Italy, I would always recommend you to come visit this place. Especially if you are a photographer and you are looking for some interesting shots. The old buildings and the architecture are absolutely amazing for this. Don’t forget about the yummy pizza.

Before leaving Italy I hope I will have the time to shoot a little travel video as well. This way I can show a little more than just a few stills. I feel like I have some sort of ritual every time I get here. You always want to go back in the same places as last time. I think that’s because you want to make the memories last. Sitting down on the grass next to the river, admiring the historical bridge. Walking around on the beautiful old streets. Enjoying some good pizza and a tasty ice cream. Everything seems so peaceful to me, that I never get enough of this every time I come visit this place.


Ciprian I. Popica

Photographer • Filmmaker

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